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At Harrison’s, we understand that defects in your organisation’s production line can be costly and counterproductive, which is why we offer a range of surface preparation and automotive cleaning wipes to ensure a perfect finish with maximum efficiency, so you can avoid delays.
When placing the finishing touches on a vehicle, or specific automotive part, one wrong wipe could send you back to square one – costing you time, money and effort. What’s more, we understand that your equipment, machinery and tools also play a big part in maintaining a smooth and successful production line, so, you’ll need a wipe that keeps them in optimum condition 24/7.
Put simply, you need high-quality surface and automotive paint prep wipes that will exceed your requirements every day. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality. In fact, we know that each situation needs, and deserves, a specially designed formula that delivers every time.
Why Choose Harrison Wipes?
Our selection of automotive wipes range front tack cloths designed to swiftly remove contaminants prior to painting, to sealant wipes specially designed for the easy, efficient removal of sealants. We know the sector requires automotive cleaning wipes that perform to the highest standard every time. So with each product, we aim to help your organisation operate with high-efficiency to achieve high-quality results – both within a shorter time period and with improved cost efficiency.

Applications for automotive wipes

We have a range of automotive cleaning wipes tailored for use across your organisation:

  • Sealant wipes – High performance wipes engineered to absorb and remove excess sealant.

  • Solvent wipes – Wipes that are highly resistant to solvents, and are extremely hard-wearing, making it the perfect solution for pre-paint solvent wiping jobs, the removal of UBC, and paint overspray.

  • Tack cloths – Designed to swiftly remove contaminants prior to painting, containing a water-based tackifier that are compatible with all paint types.

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For more details about our premium automotive wipes, please contact our expert team today. We'll be able to discuss all of your automotive cleaning requirements and help you find the right wiping solution. 
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With 125 years of experience behind us, we’ve become a trusted and industry-leading supplier of automotive wipes. We’ve taken time to cultivate strong relationships with some of Europe’s top manufacturers so we can deliver consistent, high-quality products to our customers – ensuring that we meet their requirements every time.

Our independent, family-run business has dedicated years of service to ensure that we help organisations across the globe achieve more. So, when you choose a wipe from Harrisons, you know that you’ll get a quality service.