High-performance healthcare wipes for critical cleaning environments

In any healthcare environment – be it a hospital, care home or other – it’s fundamental that you can rely on your cleaning products to deliver consistent results. Now more than ever! Whether it’s keeping areas dirt-free or wiping down surfaces, you need to have confidence that your healthcare wipes are fit for purpose
Our wide range of wipes for healthcare environments is designed to be used across your organisation, each with a specific function to help create a safer, cleaner space for staff and visitors. For example, our selection of microfibre cloths are perfect for surfaces where being dust and debris-free is critical, whilst colour coded wipes can prevent cross-contamination. 
At Harrisons, we have over 125 years’ experience in wiping – making us a trusted, reliable partner for businesses across multiple industries. Our aim is to help you get the right wipe for your needs, so you don’t have to waste time and money on inferior products. With healthcare disinfecting wipes from our selection, you’re guaranteed quality in all your environments.


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Applications for healthcare wipes

We understand that low-lint and colour coded wipes can be utilised across a range of organisations, ensuring everyone can get a quality, hygienic cleaning solutions:

  • Hospitals and hospices – Where cross-contamination and high hygiene standards are ever-present concerns, it’s imperative that organisations have a wipe they can rely on.
  • Cleanrooms and labs – Our range of cleanroom wipes are perfect for technical wiping, allowing you to keep your environment and process uncontaminated.
  • Janitorial – In healthcare environments, even janitorial services require rigorous cleaning standards. Our products are strong and durable, guaranteeing more cleaning from fewer wipes.


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A trusted partner

We are a market-leading supplier of wipes for a variety of industries. Our relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers have enabled us to deliver consistent quality for decades, ensuring the needs of our customers are met.

Our independent, family-run business has been at the head of innovation for over 125 years, giving us the tools we need to help your organisation achieve more. When you choose a wipe from Harrisons, you know that you’ll get a quality service.