Strong & durable industrial wipes

At Harrison Wipes, we understand that the right industrial wipers are critical for a number of tasks – ensuring that surfaces are cleaned and maintained effectively and efficiently.That’s why we stock a range of strong, durable, low-lint and highly-absorbent industrial wipes, suitable for a variety of applications. 


Find the right wipe for you



Why getting the right wipe matters

 In this sector, a wipe is not just a wipe, and we know this better than anyone else. The right industrial wipe is a catalyst for so much more; whether it’s soaking up spillages and ensuring a safe working environment for staff or cleaning vital equipment, meaning that work can continue as efficiently as possible, it’s all made possible through the right product.

That’s why we believe that choosing the best wipe is so important – saving time on processes by providing the right solution, and saving your organisation money on trial and error products that just won’t do the trick.

Our array of industrial wiper products – from ultra-strong rag alternatives to delicate polishing cloths – are designed to offer the best solution straight out of the box that is completely fit for purpose, allowing you to get it right first time.


Industrial wipe applications

 We offer wipes for a range of industrial applications:

  • Automotive – Tack wipes are vital to cleaning and removing contaminants prior to painting. Solvent wipes are excellent at degreasing surfaces and machinery, keeping processes clean and efficient 

  • Manufacturing & Engineering – Highly-absorbent wipes help to clean grease spills and leakages, ensuring a safe environment.

  • Aerospace – Premium wipes for precision cleaning and technical wiping in a variety of environments with aerospace approvals.

  • Printing – Heavy-duty, low-lint industrial wipers for the proper cleaning and maintenance of machinery, ensuring no residue is left after the fact.

If you’re looking for a robust industrial wipe that ticks all of the boxes – that is fit for your businesses’ purpose – have a look through our collection of suppliers. Alternatively, if you want to speak to an expert to help determine which is the right wipe for your needs, get in touch with a member of our team.


A trusted partner

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial wipes across the UK. From strong, durable solutions to more delicate wipes, our comprehensive range of innovative and value-added products ensures we can meet your needs. 

Our family-run business has been leading innovation for over 128 years, giving us knowledge and expertise to help organisations across the industrial sector. To complement our own range, we’re also the trusted partner of the leading, global brands: Chicopee® and Sontara®. From all-purpose cleaning wipes to high spec industrial wipers, we have the right solution for every requirement.