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Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes


Kills bacteria and viruses quickly

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In today’s challenging environments, everyone has become a cleaner and standards are being scrutinised more intensely. So it’s only right that you have a wipe that actually performs in everyday applications, in every industry.

This new wipe is engineered and tested to meet the demands of real-world environments; killing viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) in 1 minute, even on dirty surfaces, with excellent coverage from one wipe and no transfer from surface to surface.

Sontara’s® premium solution is a very wet wet wipe – ensuring more than enough disinfectant is laid down for cleaners across every sector, allowing you to clean with confidence.

  • Kills bacteria & viruses quickly  - The wipe removed up to 99.9% of microbes on any surface, including COVID, Flu, HIV and E. coli
  • Easy to use - The unique out-of-the-box design makes our wipes easy to use anywhere, so everyone can maintain cleanliness.
  • Alcohol & Quat FreeWith surfaces being cleaned regularly, it’s vital that wipes do not damage or degrade surfaces through continual use. This solution ensures everything is protected.
  • Tested in real-word environments - Rigorously tested in both clean and dirty environments so you are guaranteed a wipe that actually does what it says it will do!
  • Meets EN StandardsCertified to European Standards, giving you confidence in a sanitising wipe that actually works.
  • Sourced in the EU, made in the UKProduct is sourced from Europe, ensuring there is no delay in procurement or shipment. Each wipe bucket is then cut and packed here in the UK

The Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipe adheres to a number of key EN Standards that ensure it is one of the very best wet wipes on the market. Find out more here.

Download the product datasheet here.